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দৃঢ় পারিবারিক সম্প্রদায় বন্ধন

King & Queen of Reading

Once a year students in grades K-5 have the opportunity to participate in our Annual King & Queen of Reading Competition. The competition was founded and is spearheaded by one of our community activists, Ms. Monroe. Students perform a research-based project on an informational topic of his or her choice. He or she will is expected to become an “expert” on the topic by reading multiple sources (texts) and creating a visual and oral presentation of what he or she learned. All participants present their presentations in front of a panel of judges who determines the winner of the King & Queen of Reading competition.

Tzu Chi Foundation (Happy Campus)

The Tzu-Chi Foundation started the “Happy Campus” program at PS 201Q in 2012. This program includes promotion of humanity, education, and weekend food bags for children in need. Once a week, Tzu-Chi volunteers deliver various activities to multiple classrooms. The activities, such as music, sign language, videos and storytelling are used to promote subjects including helping people, environmental awareness, balanced diet, and health care issues.

Together Tuesdays with 107 PCT

PS 201Q partners with the 107 Precinct to establish a strong sense of community. Members of the 107 PCT and our school families participate in exciting events such as Staff VS. Police Officers volleyball game or “Hugs and Love” community event.

Walk For Life Breast Cancer Event

Every October, P.S. 201’s students, families and staff members work together to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and participate in a Walk for Life event.

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